Circle of Light

“Establish yourself in the energy you value and you will get more of it” Alan Cohen

What are your values?
When we have a hard time figuring out what our values are we have a hard time making decisions. To decide what your values are remember the times in your life were the experiences were truly important and memorable. Visualize those times, and choose your top 5 (they will change as you open yourself to new opportunities). What are the values associated with them? At first my top 5 were: Perfection, Prudence, Speed, Obedience, and control. Today, they are Sensitivity, Teamwork, Unity, Creativity, and Commitment.

How to set your boundaries?
Your values go hand in hand with how you set your boundaries. When you ground yourself in your passion your boundaries are set in motion. When this happens you’ll notice you’re more energetic, enthusiastic, confident in who you are. Energy vampires won’t drain your energy because protecting your energetic field will be second nature.

Who do you allow in your circle?
This vision came to me in meditation and it showed me how beautiful the energy field is. This orb of energy demonstrates who we want in our circle. We create our lives, and who we include in our circle can affect how we heal, experience joy, and even our level of artistic expression.

Example in Motion: Pay attention to the positive affirmations, and motivating outlooks that come from your relationships with likeminded people. This will help expand your energy greatly – it works for me!
‘’Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher’’ Oprah Winfrey

Circle of light

(Intuitive art: Diane Bourgeois)

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