Part 1 Archangel Chamuel – Accepting What Is

Proceed softly with love and compassion- appreciate what is here now. When we relax into the now the power of intuition is born.
Is there an area of your life you need to slow down? Are you allowing the truth of your soul to be heard?

When we address no limitations; it accepts all people just as they are. What part of yourself you don’t love? The pink flower heart is your integrity of true love it is so powerful it overcomes insult, anger and separation. When we call upon AA Chamuel, the pink ray flame, the female energy of unconditional love will awaken, so you can devote your being to God. ‘God’ for me is ALL THAT IS and I AM THAT, I AM.

A personal story

For about a year I’ve been plagued with the ‘what ifs’. I’ve directed anger towards myself – I wished that I had lived my life differently. I realize I need to accept, and let ‘what is’ into my heart to make healing possible. While writing this post I received a blessing, and a message from AA Chamuel.

Archangel Chamuel speaks

May all light shine in your light

Dear Earth, bring forth the Glory of Heaven into your heart of hearts. You are journeying to the likeliness of Godly divinity- focus on the NOW, we will meet you there. Be grateful of the outcome, and know we are pleased with the success you bring upon yourself.  

Intuitive Art: Integrity Pink flower heart– it means connecting to the heart center through the Energy of Creation.




Part 2 – AA Chamuel – Humanity is ONE



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2 thoughts on “Part 1 Archangel Chamuel – Accepting What Is

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