The Rabbit Hole

The ‘rabbit hole’ is a metaphorical doorway into the world inside ourselves; I saw two movies recently that reminded me of this: Jack Frost and Alice in Wonderland.

Both films touch on grounding, and going within. The Jack Frost film presents it as: facing the fear of the shadow by expressing the joy within- also a reminder that fear is an illusion- in Alice in Wonderland it manifests as belief in yourself, and your intuition. Alice and Jack grow into warriors of their own destiny, and as a result become manifesters of their lives.

Many miracles, and obstacles change the way we see life. By ‘grounding’, and ‘going within’ help our soul to illuminate the shadows within. By using ‘grounding’ as an anchoring tool we connect to our ‘Divine gift’.


It has been a year of finding answers, and a year since the rabbit let me close enough to take it’s photo. The picture is a reminder of how the universe uses signs to put us in the ‘right time’ frame of mind. It is in this mindset that the ‘whisper of wisdom’ can be heard. The ‘whisper of wisdom’ is a telepathic communication with Source, more about this concept will be presented in an upcoming post.

The wisdom of the rabbit: ‘have the courage to retreat within, and receive warm advice from your inner someone’.

Are we like Jack Frost, resisting our ‘power of joy’ until we go back in time, and remember who we truly are, or are we Alice stumbling into one fantastically terrifying adventure after another?

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3 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole

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  2. Nice to meet you. I just blogged on my rabbit dream so I am tickled to see the bunny picture 🙂

    Thank you for the follow and I welcome you to WordPress, a rabbit hole in the best possible way.

    in lite,

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    • I didn’t see the bunny after I took this picture. Until next year.
      I read your blog the rabbit dream interesting what it means. Love the picture.

      Thank you litebeing for sharing. Love and Light!

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