Sunday walk

“If you seek creative ideas go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.” ― Raymond I. Myers

From this quote here is my creative idea. What do you feel and see? Which one do you like the best?




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4 thoughts on “Sunday walk

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love them.

    I always like streaming light photos but today for some reason, I like the picture with the horse best. Something about horses is speaking to me lately.

    It looks like a beautiful walk. Was it cool and crisp out?


    • It was a little bit windy and not too cold. The day was just perfect!
      I too lately I am inspired with horses. This weekend learned the way the Native American see the horses. The 7 elements with 4 legs represent North-East-West-South the tail point to the ground of Mother Earth the head pointed up for the Father sky and the person who sit in the middle balance the element. I will never see a horse the same way. Thanks for your answer and question. Cheers!

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