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We are all human beings carrying the ‘survival’ code. The survival code is a legacy of stress passed from one generation to another. This stress shows up as many things, one of them being post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). My question is: what if PTSD is the beginning of a long journey toward understanding our energy field, and the emotions that form it?


The experience of domestic violence and war may not be the same, but the survival mechanism triggered is. The adrenaline does its work by triggering the will to survive, and an inner anger ready to control whoever is ‘in your way’. When such violence comes into your everyday life your ‘survival code’ is set off and the legacy continues.


Below are a few alternatives that can be used in conjunction with traditional treatment for PTSD.

Zen Buddhism: Zen meditation is a way of self-discovery to achieve enlightenment by seeing one’s own nature.

Qigong: Chi-based energy healing to quiet the mind to relax the body mind spirit to achieve awareness.

Yoga: The physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines to aim to transform body and mind.

Mantras: Choose which one is best for you in the moment. Repetition of the positive affirmation mantra helps you disconnect from the thoughts filling our mind.

Prayers: Through song and chant and by reading scriptures. Choose which is best for you in the moment.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): Restore balance to the energy systems of the body.


Everyone is challenged on this roller coaster ride of life, but these challenges shouldn’t eclipse our joy. Please check out this video from JP Cormier, it touched my heart in so many ways. – I would love to hear what you think of the ‘survival code’ we all share, please comment below.

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