Day 2: The left-over energies from the full moon

The second day was so different from the first day. Wondering if I’m praying for nothing? The energy at work was so intense, and my co-worker wanted my help like I was indispensable. The feeling of taking care of ‘left-over’ work felt overwhelmed.


Instead of feeling frustrated, and being mad about being where I was, I came up with a silly joke. The joke:  I said to my boss must be feeling the full moon energy, the next day left-over haha!! my boss replied ‘okay’ and giggled.  Tell you the truth dont remember after 2 monthsso all I can think of is okay and giggle) To tell you the truth it was out of my comfort zone being silly on such a hectic day.

Remembering yesterday’s number, I payed attention to the signs… For my lunch break I sat in the park and read a nice book titled ‘Awakening The Spirit Within’ by author Rebecca Rosen. To my surprise a ‘waiting’ seagull (see picture) started looking at me like he was waiting for food.

Day 2 seagull meaningDay 2_spiritual notes

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