Day 3: Express Gratitude and Release Resentment

Day 3: I feel I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone by communicating my feelings of discontent. In the past I suppressed my feelings, played the victim, and let the fear of being ridiculed for living my truth, disconnect me from my ‘soul purpose’. Today, I realize fear and resentment – like rejection, anger, and bitterness, prevent us from being honest with ourselves, and hide our true essence…


The journey to self-esteem and self-worth is a blessing that inspires me to thank everyone in my life. We honor the people, and the space around us by being present. When we open our eyes to the ‘mirror of life’ we see how we resist our own weakness. By accepting our weaknesses, we release the discontent within…




Expressing your feelings means saying to the other person ‘I don’t love what you are doing to me because _______________.’Let the person know you are not okay with the way things are going, express yourself with clarity and ease to release frustration gradually.

The technique I used was that of self-identification and word association see below…

Compassion is:

·         Self-acceptance: Accept things as they are

·         Self-love: Take things less personally-self-respect

·         Self-care: Witness without judgment

The seed of bitterness in a garden of love is a poison that takes root in negative thoughts (fear, anger, frustration etc).

Bitterness takes root in:

·         Rejection: Denial of one’s inner ‘leader’ — An unconscious process

·         Blame: Toxic focus on external influence

·         Negative attachment: Toxic desire for emotional security


The poll below is a reminder to show gratitude and compassion to all beings… Who did you thank today in your surroundings with love and welcoming forgiveness?


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