New Year’s resolution

New Year resolution

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7 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution

  1. Wishing you well as you go within and concentrate your energies on writing your book.. Wayne Dyer is a wonderful inspirer.. May you continue to follow your Inner wisdom and follow its guidance… Love and Light.. Sue xxx ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on divinenotebook and commented:

    Hello to everyone who is reading this reblog about my New Year’s resolution. My blog will be on hold for a while, and my intent is to use the energy of 2015 to go within…

    I’m writing a children’s book about a 10 year old girl who finds her true rainbow colors. Seeing the video True Colors from Olivia Kay and Matty B Raps reminds me of the message I intend to spread with my book…

    I stand grounded in 2015 and beyond… In the words of Wayne W Dyer: There is a voice in the Universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us.

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  3. What a wonderful New Years Wish.. May you continue to light up and bring awareness to all who visit.. Many thanks also for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary..
    Wishing you abundance in Health and Happiness..

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