Day 4: Seeing the signs

The energy is much calmer today but, my pineal gland is very active. My forehead is tingling, pulsing, and I feel pressure on my forehead. Repeating numbers keep catching my attention…

Number 99: Represents living your life in a positive and uplifting manner while shining your light brightly, or embark upon your sacred mission without delay.
Number 88: Let your inner meaning guide you in your light working to maintain the flow of abundance into your life.

On a license plate:


The ANG is a sign the angels are speaking.
Note: When it’s more than one digit add the numbers together: 4+7 = 11 (11 is a Master Number : Click here)



Open your hearts










The number revealed today is 8 Cahetel is watching over me while giving birth to a new beginning…


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