Day 6: Old habits die hard

Today is a cloudy day, a day to reflect on which habits are still holding me hostage… Rainy days are perfect for rinsing away old habits that no longer serve a purpose.


When we follow our ‘bad habits’ instead of our ‘good habits’ we miss life changing opportunities. I realize that the power to direct my thoughts to positive attitudes is the key to a better life. The use of simple declarative statements, in a positive mind-set, have helped me create new positive practices for myself. Below is an example.

Today I declare :____________________________________( write a statement to change your bad habits) example—I declare I will wake up each morning and meditate.


Example energy in motion:  Centering ‘intention’ on the pineal gland by visualizing white light.

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2 thoughts on “Day 6: Old habits die hard

  1. That which we give our intent to we give power to… So its good to let go of bad habits.. And the rain is perfect to wash them away..

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    • Thank you Sue for your words of wisdom. Namaste! I feel when we understand the laws of the universe…it is easy to change our thoughts from one emotion at a time.


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