Day 8: Accepting the changes of the unknown

When we accept ‘change’ in the present moment we release the fear of being perfect. Living in the Now creates an attitude of faith in the outcome. Just like Jack Frost and Alice in Wonderland releasing the resistance of a scarcity mentality,  when we release the desire of the Mind we release the struggles that drive depression.

You may feel as if you are going mad, but I say to you ‘feel the freedom of the mind’. WOOT! WOOT!

laughing with no reason

All photographs taken by Donalyn Smith

Light up the world with your golden light

The video bellow is about stepping forward, and letting go of the controlling protectionist mind. Just being silly and having fun. Up Up there is no way Up but here! Choosing this specific song fills my soul of joy and having fun.





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2 thoughts on “Day 8: Accepting the changes of the unknown

  1. Your welcome and thank you! Have a wonderful weekend! Love and Light 😉


  2. Great start to my day…. and I agree yes Change is part of progression… We resist change often because we do not like to be moved out of our comfort zones… we want to feel secure and safe.. Change challenges us so we fear it..
    Great post..
    Blessings your way for a wonderful weekend..

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