Day 9: Time Shifting

Well! This morning I was not in the Present moment. Do you ever feel when you have the time to relax you rush or think about moments past? You know what is going on in front of you, but your mind is somewhere else… I never expected this to happen on my way to work! Yes me who always carefully monitors her surroundings, was rear-ended on the highway while in the passenger seat! Don’t worry everyone is okay.

As I got to work I wondered about the meaning of the event and I received the word ‘time shifting’. It means to take back control of our lives by changing the way we think (i.e uncluttering our thoughts).

Somehow I knew the accident was going to happen, before we left this morning the question  ‘do you like your car?’ popped into my head. When I got to work the question came up again and I replied in my heart yes! I love my car and like to keep it for another 6 years or more… I was content with my answer to the question. Even if I felt I was in the Now during my ride to work, something made me move my energy from one period in time to another…


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2 thoughts on “Day 9: Time Shifting

  1. Thank you Sue for sharing your experience here. 😉 I do believe we all have this connection with our guides. When we are receptive our angels help us navigate the earth easier. In my 20’s I had my first major accident…I slept behind the wheel for about 5 min. I wont go in details here what I can say is never doubt on those thoughts your guides are giving you. They know what is up ahead. I believe the answer to the question became a not severe accident and I could repair my car. Now it looks brand new. 😉
    Many thanks for sharing your experience and helping others.
    Love and Light Diane 😉


  2. I am pleased everyone is ok… 🙂 And yes I have had an experience of being saved in my car.. While I was driving along a narrow country road I did every day, Not much traffic travelled this route. I heard loudly in my ear.. Slow down.. I looked at my seed dial and was not speeding.. ( I am a medium, so hearing voices in my head is not new to me 🙂 ) But I didn’t react… In seconds I heard SLOW DOWN.. this time I reacted and put my foot on the brake pedal.. But the brake pedal was already half depressed and with my pressure upon it I came almost to an emergency stop .. Just as I had almost come to a stop, I had reach a notoriously bad bend in the road, just as a young man driving so fast rounded the bend on my side of the road, he swerve back in and missed me..
    If I had not listened and not acted and Spirit had not also pressed the pedal.. I doubt if I would be here to tell the tale..

    Yes I do believe strongly that TIME is shifting and our awareness of time is altering as our vibration is rising.. Time appears to be speeding up at the moment.. 🙂

    Many thanks for your posts.. and thank you for allowing me to leave my own experience..
    Blessings Sue

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