Day 12: Open The Eye of my Heart

I am feeling the nothingness, feeling His Presence in my heart- ah the LOVE and PEACE. Shhhhh! Do you feel it?

God is funny… We all know the phrase knock and it shall be open un to you,  well my pineal gland is acting up again, and for some reason I keep knocking on my forehead- Ha! Ha! A little Friday morning humor! If you don’t get it- it must be an inside joke!

A message from the heart
Stop being in a dream and see the reality within YOU dear heart

Time passes; lifetimes are ONE! Remember this dear heart everything is ALL ONE there is no pass, no future it is all happening at once. You are joining force within you dear hearts. It comes and goes. This time it is really activating inside of YOU. We will meet soon dear hearts in your GLORY THY HEART. God ALL Mighty

Part II

The message today, with the first opportunity to access my deepest wisdom, is a spider. I decided to take a 10 minutes break, and go outside for a walk since it was sunny. On my way to the mailbox to drop off an envelope I entered a nearby building to use the washroom.
As you can see in the photo, the spider had to be there, not somewhere else, to say it’s time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature. (Spirit Animals Dr. Steven Farmer)


On my way home

I am always watching license plates for any signs,  I received a second message SEE 434. It means The Door to the Way of God. (Dalet = 434)

Developing a peaceful, loving relationship with my Higher Self.


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