Day 14: Amplify Divine Soul; Life Purpose and Mission

As I gracefully prayed with Mary on my 14th day she showed me the number 914… The Heavens see in my heart the work I have done, the important life changes I have made, and the release of my old habits and patterns. My devotion to my life passion has me asking repeatedly of God: if you permit, what is my life mission on earth?

Today was a great day to buy gemstones, and crystals to help amplify my heart of wisdom, grace and blessings.
Here is a brief list of gems that help me on my journey: Angelite, Kunzite, Aventurine, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli.

The message
As you journey through your heart, may you find the gems inside that will lift you higher into the realms of your existence here on earth. Amen to all who believe in the
creation of god. We are stewards of God’s creation.

Amplify means continue on your current path, and produce amplification of light as a lightworker: 798. When we maintain a positive attitude, and outlook, our thoughts create our experiences. We create our own realities! (93). Live your life with joy, passion and purpose as this will manifest your true desire: 33.

Part II: The Power of Acronyms

PAF101 = Please Ask First: 101

God 101 from day 11 is a reminder to pray before making any major decisions. It is wise to meditate, and check with the Divine first before making choices in order to avoid serving the ‘ego mind’ rather than God’s will. (Learn more on day 12)

JAN = Joy/Amen/Now

J oy = bliss the quality of exuberance

A men = ‘so be it’

N ow = currently

Receiving a rainbow on this particular day is a blessing, and beauty directly from the paintbrush of Divinity. The rainbow tells me today an old pattern has come to an end, and the new chapter is about: the blissful quality of exuberance, the ‘so be it’ and the Now (889).



I am in love with my Goddess in my Universe Within. (

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  1. Naftali chirchir

    I like your writings


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