Day 17: The Doorway of Freedom

To study the Buddha way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things.—Dogen Zenji

Looking closely the ladybug in the photo on the particular page in the book it is written Archangel Akatriel appears to me as a….the Universe always have a way of communicating. Laughter of joy in remembrance of knowing my inner world is Divine connection to Oneness.

For the past two days I’ve gotten up in the morning not knowing where I am, or what day it is. It’s more like I can’t recall what day yesterday was, and today ‘thinking’ is difficult. I feel like I don’t want to think, and that I am finally at peace with my mind- I am thoughtless…

Present moment awareness

The pineal gland is peacefully working at opening the doorway of my heart. My soul is looking at the outer world to see my inner child shedding her skin, and eager to transform in a bigger and better present…

Animal Signals:

  1. Wood snake: Shedding of old skin, and emotions of the past, while transforming into something bigger and better.
  2. Squirrel: Hiding for far too long. Have more fun. De-clutter your life such as thoughts, worries, and stresses. Listen to your inner self and focus on one thing at a time.
  3. Ladybug: Constantly exploring the mysteries of the Universe and the unknown.



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2 thoughts on “Day 17: The Doorway of Freedom

  1. It s always amazing when we look at the ‘Signs’ the Universe presents us with,how we are being spoken to and guided along our journey.. I needed to read this today .. Thank you xox

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