Day 18: Easy to get Hooked Up

Small negative hooks are often the longest to let go (

Ouf! Today’s message was a Biggy.
The message was all about being hooked up. The phrase refers to being ‘hooked’ by ego chatter. Mastering thoughtlessness helps us to step through the doorway of freedom.

God sometimes takes us out into troubled waters, not to drown us but to cleanse us. (

The karmic lesson
We all have a gift to serve others. If our intention is to harm someone, with our thoughts, words, judgments, we create ‘harmful’ energy within ourselves. The shadow self is created in negative thought (Karma)…

3 steps to gain positive perspective

Step 1: Release the emotions that cause your mind to ‘chatter’. Remember your chatter doesn’t want you to change, it wants you hooked on negative emotions.

Step 2: Ask yourself if you are responsible of the situation. This question helps you to know if your dealing with your thought pattern, or someone else karmic pattern. When we accept what is, it is our duty to keep the clutter away from our subconscious mind…

Step 3: Gratitude in sending positive thought. Say out loud, or silently: I release what no longer serves a purpose in my body. I thank you for letting me be aware of my emotions. I release the fear and attachment with this person __________________(name of the person or material belongings) with love and compassion from my heart. So be it.


Part II: The ego loves a story of the past

Letting go of the ego mind is about letting go of the hooks in your life. The more you go towards the light the dark force wants you to keep you stuck in those hooks. (divinenotebook)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Shielding the body is very important when releasing the hooks. The fact that you are leaving a part of your life behind causes strain on the body. Usually there is a release, and the tension will go away, but in some cases pain lingers. See an energetic healer, a holistic health practitioner, shaman healer, or doctor.

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