Day 19: Just BE in the Now

My experience this week has taught me the difference between the empty mind, and the chatter of the ego mind. I have welcomed the realization of the simple phrase: just BE.

Whatever happens you have no control over the situation. What is important is the Now- where you are in this moment. That is the simplicity of the Now—the empty mind ‘’JUST BE’’. You create as you walk the path of life, one step at a time. Just be in the presence of your body that is all that matters.

You release the attachment to the outcome

You no longer justify from your chatter mind

You no longer accept negative Karmic thought

You release the fear of tomorrows outcome

You are no longer attached to anything

Be with nature and Divine thought

Just be in the now

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2 thoughts on “Day 19: Just BE in the Now

  1. Thank you Sue. I did have a fabulous week of BEing 😉


  2. Excellent advice to the Inner self.. 🙂 have a fabulous week BEing YOU..

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