Day 23: Peace of mind

We all have moments where we listen to our mind argue, scream, and judge whatever comes it’s way. Every time we tune into this toxic internal soap opera we dim our light- our soul’s energy decreases.


Keep repeating the phrase: EXIT THE MIND. I No longer need your assistance. I can navigate my life now. I AM AT PEACE! 20141002_061327What happens when we quiet the mind?

The more we practice quieting the mind, the brighter the light that illuminates our way Home becomes. Father Sky, and Mother Earth are here to help us to achieve that goal. Exit the ‘mind’ and explore the endlessness of your Divine Heart.

Feeling stress and worried? A new day is dawning with sunny skies. The clouds are lifting, so make place for a new beginning!


At the end of the day I received a beautiful message of 5 nine’s in a row: 99999. Do you want to know what it means? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s message!




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