Day 24: Repeating numbers sequence

Yesterday and today are all about the number 9. It seems parts of my life are at point of closure, yet I feel myself taking steps towards something new… My ego is afraid to lose the total control it once had, so it wants the ‘mind’ to stay active. Every time something negative happens I feel negative energy, it’s like my mind gets caught up in it’s ‘vibrational structure’… more information on number 9 click here.

Acronyms for FH:

Heart Frequency: Only you know your true heart’s desires and only you can fulfill your own destiny.

Forgotten Hope: This refers to a computer game Battlefield 1942; ironically the game is about leaving the past behind, and nurturing our inner warrior so we can change our destiny, and manifest our true life’s mission here on earth. Is it war we are looking for or simply finding our true essence?

Food Hygiene: This is a reminder to buy local food, keep a garden and detoxify our bodies of unwanted toxins. Say NO to GMO!

Funeral Home: I’m not sure about this one, but it caught my attention today. People I know have relatives passing away, and some are mourning.

 Life has no end, only new beginnings…


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