Day 28: Releasing Anxiety to Emerge into Grace

Sound is a powerful way to release stress and anxiety. Think of the many ‘OM’ mantras, or Tibetan chants. Try a vocal mantra that resonates with you- give it a whirl you never know you may like it.

Mantra of the chakras


Today I experienced an opening into the deepest spiritual realms. My conscious is not familiar with the new vibration, and requires waves of love to pour into my heart… Stillness is the gift of Spirit, and at this time I must learn to spend time in quietness in order to release any negative thoughts.

A tapestry of words follow:

                                         Emerging into Grace. The Rise of the Chalice within


A Growing

Safe haven for others


Embraced by love

Felt by gratitude

Awakened to ancient wisdom

The heart and the mind speak as one passage into the Holographic Universe.

day 28 emerge into grace

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