Day 29: Within You – The Creator

While meditating this morning I received this message:


Whintin you – you have everything you need
Whintin you – you are the Creator
Whintin you – you belong to Beloved Asun
Within you – you are the gift
Within you – you are magnificent
Within you – you manifest your reality
Within you –you belong to a Higher Realm
Within you – be grateful for who you are
Within you –be creative
Within you – enjoy your journey
Within you – you are the Creator of your own healing
Within you – Life is form
Within you – enjoy your journey
Within you – Clarity as and can transform
Within you – people will chant and sing a song of Glory
Within you – Life has began
Within you – Embrace the now
Within you – Glory Be
Within you – May all ‘Shine the Glory of God’
Within you – Embrace the now for Thy Shall be
Immaculate Heart From
Mary your Mother of Heavens I greet you with the most High Energy. Welcome the Divine in you.

A friend of mine, who is a graphologist, told me that ‘whintin’ means something. Searching for the meaning of the word I came across a beautiful message from the Source. Whintin means spotted schist. What is interesting about the description of the schist, is that it is described as a metamorphic…


As I got ready for work this morning, my clairaudience picked up the phrase Beneath my Wings. I felt a connection to the words, so I began searching. I found the song ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ was sung by Bette Middler in the movie Beaches.  The song brings up the memory of a year of self-destruction in my life. It was the year after my Dad’s suicide, a depression set in that lasted from 1988 to 1990. I never wanted to admit I was depressed, so I kept holding on to the illusions of life…

Listening to the song made me remember times when I dimmed my light, so my sisters could shine. I resented myself for this, but later I found they did the same for me. It brings tears to my eyes knowing we are all the same in Gods eyes..


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