Day 31: Shine Your Silver Star Brightly

I feel I am on a one way street, and a wall is building up between me, and other people. The ‘wall’ is a shield built by the shadow self, it acts as a foundation for lack. I realize the only foundation I need to create is love…
The wall is a metaphor for fear, anger, frustration, guilt, doubt, negative self-talk lies, judgment and so forth by the ego mind.
Increasing joy in the darkest hour is finding humor in conquering the shadow.
The Universe is a humorist centered on positive-ness. The Source finds exactly the right person to do the job in conquering the shadow.

Be a leader in someone day respect the creative soul in expanding their own light. divinenotebook

         The moral of the story
We are not alone, even if we are the leader in our own life. I am ready to have FUN with my life, and I am looking for people to help build a foundation of crystal rock to expand the love energy of the Universe. Are you ready to conquer the world with humor, a fun spirit, and Pep (positive energy people)?

Hillsong Kids – Let your Light Shine
Olso Gospel Choir – Shine Your Light
Michael W. Smith – Mighty To Save / Shine your light
These songs lift the soul to the heavens.


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3 thoughts on “Day 31: Shine Your Silver Star Brightly

  1. Great post.. And yes I am once again breaking down walls.. Walls and masks I thought I had cleared.. but some were held so deep I had to crack their shells in order for them to escape.. 🙂
    Wishing you well upon your own Journey .. May you forever Shine.. 🙂

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    • Thank you Sue. 😉 I like the way you express…to crack their shells…I crack a few of them real hard last year or was it the Source energy making a stand in waking my small hooks I carried around, once open and releasing the fog energy. I notice each person around me are part of me meaning part of the same energy field. I am not alone each person plays a role in shining their light in their own way. Some take a lifetime some are able to shine the light of joy. Thank you Sue for your wishes. My goal is to maintain a high vibration and keep my light shining.
      Wishing you a beautiful journey in shining your light brightly. 😉 Cheers!

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