Day 32: Balancing Yin and Yang

Tangible Kindness! A good way to build this mind-set is by being supportive and encouraging others. Express the balance of female and male energy.

  • Unspoken words; Present by action of kindness
  • Good activities
  • Volunteering
  • Get involved: mentoring programs
  • Express compassion

A sign directly from the Source showing my soul the white and gold light in the sky. Below is a nice picture that represents the yin and yang.

Yesterday the sun was directly facing my eyes while driving.

This morning the full moon was directly shining in my eyes.


A perfect harmony in the Universe! My heart soars in Grace while glorifying Mother Father God. Mother Earth, who gives us her beauty of nature, and Father Sky who gives us the warmth of his love. We must bloom and take care of Mother Gaia before we can reach the Sky.

Questions to ask yourself: What is out of balance in my life? What do I need to cleanse from within?

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