Body Talk: Fingers are talking

Reading Louise L. Hay’s book Heal your Life inspired me to investigate the significance of fingers.

Fingers represent the details of life- below a brief explanation.

Thumb: Represents intellect and worry
Index: Represents ego and fear.
Middle: Represents anger and sexuality.
Ring: Represents unions and grief.
Little: Represents the family and pretending.


Many issues, and thoughts are coming to the surface all at once…


My storm of emotions reminds me of the story of Neale Donald Walsch losing everything, and being left homeless… My biggest fear is being left with nothing but a pack sack…

I know that the angels use pictures, music, words, etcetera to deliver messages. While re-reading my recent post LET IT GO it became clear that the power of liberation will be a central topic in my life soon. Stay tuned for follow up post entitled ‘True Self’ exploring this topic.

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2 thoughts on “Body Talk: Fingers are talking

  1. You know we are so on the same page its unreal.. Both Louise Hay and N.D.W I so admire and books I have.. Body Talk Therapy is also a course I went on about 7 or 8 years ago now… I was able to use it within my Support Work role when I worked with adults with learning difficulties.. I got permission to use it on a lady suffering from Downs Syndrome who could get very anxious and have challenging behaviour… It calmed her almost immediately and she would look forward to our sessions..

    Thank you for bringing the memory of that positive phase back to life. 🙂

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