Symphonies & Concertos: Beethoven & Mozart

While listening to classical music, I started to wonder which spiritual frequency Mozart and Beethoven were in when they wrote their music… Their music inspires the soul to dance, sing, write, and imagine the endless possibilities of the soul. Sitting here inspired by the music makes me wonder which frequency I am in? It makes me giggle and for a moment I visit my child within…

A pleasant Pause

Take the time to imagine the child within, the child that wanted to be a ballerina, pianist, story teller, musician, athlete… Which one did your inner child dream of? Don’t remember? Take a moment and listen to Beethoven or Mozart and let your imagination dance.

Where does your ‘heart soul’ take you when listening to this kind of music? Are you giggling right now? Are you sad? Have you followed your dream like Beethoven and Mozart in pursuing your soul’s passion?

When listening to your favorites Symphony’s or Concerto what are your feelings and experiences? I would love to hear them.

Beethoven’s Symphony No 7, 2nd Movement…

Mozart Piano Concerto NO.22 in E flat, k.482 (complete)

Beethoven – Symphony No. 5

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