Climb that mountain


Photo: A retreat to Shoalin, China August 2014. This photo was taken on our first day of fasting. A powerful 8 hours of meditation of the soul while going up and down the mountain.

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4 thoughts on “Climb that mountain

  1. Oh I climbed my work mountain.. LOL.. ( just in the reverse here) to your words on the quote.. and Now I am enjoying the lawn mowing and smelling the roses. 🙂

    I did once climb a real mountain.. though it had a cable car and steps to the top.. Sulphur Mountain in Canada.. I have never felt so at ONE with everything as I came home that day as I felt at one with the Universe.. the year was 2000.. 🙂

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    • It is a good feeling when you really climb a real mountain. You face challenges within and I got too know myself while walking does steps. I agree with you Sue you feel connected with everything and the Universe…I would love to do it again (another mountain, another scenery) too see where I evolved from my mental field energy. The ego plays a great part when we face challenges…I felt my comfort zone being tested. Love and Light! 😉 xxxooo

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      • We all of us at times have to face those challenges.. Overcoming them shows us how Free we are, For we often think ourselves restricted .. When in reality we can Fly… 🙂 via our altered perspectives .. Love to you also.. Hugs Sue

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      • Well said Sue feel the same. Cheers!

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