Starting your Lightworking journey

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – Edmund Hillary

Challenge the old belief
I invite you to expand, and shed your old beliefs- challenge yourself to rediscover your potential, and your dormant passion.

The Start:

Everyone is a light worker. We may doubt ourselves in the beginning because we have forgotten who we are. We create with our thoughts, and these thoughts become our future- create wisely. Know the truth and life will show you compassion→ Affirmation + action = miracles. When we decide to  ‘journey’ on a path of our own choosing, we awaken into a miracle. The choices we make in life give us the paths to choose from. The question is “Which one will you choose?”

The Light is working: Lightworker

Light becomes more colorful in your daily life, and it’s more than just a light it’s a ‘force of beauty within.’ When believing in miracles, and accepting ‘what is’ you don’t need anyone’s permission to heal yourself. You become a master—a healer of your own mind. This quantum leap into the unknown will connect with your Higher Self. And without any hesitation you will co-create. Your soul’s creative gift will surrender to it’s inner world: silence and stillness. When we step inside of ourselves we discover endless opportunities. We are worthy of who we are, and we can manifest abundance by simply using our four Clair’s senses; Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Claircognizance (clear knowing).

The Truth

I learned to participate in a society that holds a scarcity mentality but recently I re-discovered who I truly am. A creative soul who requires few material things, and lives in the present moment. Recently I traded in my old dusty Nikon for a new digital one (see picture). It is helping me explore my four Clair’s… When you are with likeminded people their friendship can lead you to reawaken your passion for yourself. Visit my friend Donalyn’s blog: click here and see her expanding in her light working journey.


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4 thoughts on “Starting your Lightworking journey

  1. The awakening happens in stages too.. 🙂 as still I am learning upon my Light Journey xox

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