An Empath in leadership

Being a great leader is about being able to encouraging self-worth in others, while being able to empathize with their needs and wants. A great leader sees people as they are- human and full of  feelings.  Cultivation of leadership is a path to a respectful relationship with ourselves. Everyone can be a leader in feeling good about the relationship we have with the world around us.

If you separate the word relationship

Relation: A person who is connected

Ship: Transport goods or people on a ship

Meaning: A true leader transports people to new horizons, and connects with being an encourager of love and respect. Diane B.

Conversation with our Mother of Grace

In italic are the responses from our Mother of Grace and in bold are my questions.

(The message below is unaltered for inspiration to whom may benefit from the intuitive conversation.)

Namaste to whom who will read this. It is from great desire you publish this dear heart. This is what humanity longs for. Your thoughts and prayers have come to fruition in your aura field. It portrays through leadership. You have brought your vessel to full fulfillment of Grace by God. God will grant you your wish therefore wish wisely.

Who am I speaking to?

Your Mother of Grace.

I Mary bless you with all my heart. Rejoice in your heart for that is where we center our love.

Our vessel, meaning the body we have in relationship to the connection with all life?

Yes dear heart your vessel is the conduit to ALL THAT IS. When we use it wisely, we become a vessel for the broken souls who cling to dear life, who want desperately for someone to share that spark of joy.

When your vessel is full of JOY and ONE with the Alpha and the Omega what happens next?

You create with the Universe. The Universe is love, and love is the Divine Source for all to share.

When we are not in a relationship with ourselves what happens?

You hide in the shadow of doubt. Fear creeps in. You feel stuck.

When we are in a relationship with ourselves we become this vessel of love of abundance?

You become who you truly are Silver Light of the Golden Ray. Pure essence of Divine connection with Source.

Namaste to all who will read this in the name of the Holy Spirit I grant you the wish to publish this. Continue on in your vessel of joy. We will meet you shortly in your peripheral vision contact.

Bless with all your heart Mother Mary of All Hearts who loves all her children. May your soul be granted the spark of light in remembrance of the Divine in you.

God Bless Mary.

I’ve been searching for the meaning of Mother of Grace and wanted an explanation. In my web search I found Mother Teresa. I remember her love on earth.  Here is a video from U2 on how Mother Teresa is the meaning of the word Grace.

 Diana Cooper ‘Invoke the Gold and Silver Violet Flame to cleanse your area.’

Additional resource: Silver Light of the Golden Ray… the answers was very interesting with Healing with the Rainbow Rays

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2 thoughts on “An Empath in leadership

  1. Wonderful Post, and I have many Diana Cooper books and have her newsletter emailed 🙂 Enjoyed reading this enlightening post dear Diane.. x

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    • Thank you Sue. I got inspired one morning and never read a book yet of Diana Cooper. I’ll have a look at her website. Thanks for the info. Love and Light!

      Liked by 1 person

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