As ye sow, ‘so shall we reap’

Cause and effect are one, not separate. (ACIM T-26.VII.13.1)

The images you see in front of you are ‘the sign’

I’ve finally connected the dots relating the mirroring of others, and the reflection of the self. Jealousy is a powerful mirror that shows us the things we wish to have.The perceived lack is of the ego mind, and triggers the types of emotions we send out.  When you are out of sync (creating emotion through the ego mind) you are outside of the vortex. To realign yourself check your emotions and then let it go.

Asking questions

I have learned to ask questions of the universe with my feelings, and it answered me with experience. To understand these experiences I needed to let go of my ego mind.

Order + Understand = Feelings/ Thoughts = Same. Co- creation within cause and effect is oneness the I AM.

Life is like a movie screen- how do you see your life unfolding?


By choosing higher thoughts and feelings you can change what you see on the screen at any time. You have complete control of what goes into your film! (Rhonda Byrn on Pinterest)
My movie screen is the image of light, and love co-creating with God. Namaste! To all who will read this message from above- Spirit to Spirit of love and compassion!

The Great Law: Cause and Effect
Cause=Thought or action
Effect=Experience or reaction

Famous phrases:

‘Do unto others as you would them have do unto you’: If one imposes pain or violence on others, one will suffer equal violence either in this life or the next. Good actions(performed) =Good reactions(by the universe).

‘An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for a life’: If someone takes a life of an innocent animal, or a person he must suffer the result at some point in the future.

The great law of cause and effect is respected when there is intention of good will. For more see my upcoming post Healing karmic lessons.

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