Divine Guidance with AA Michael

Do you ever feel like pausing to meditate in order to listen within for guidance?

The guidance from Arc Angel Michael-  respect your emotional and physical sensitivity.


Surround yourself with like-minded people, eat healthy food, avoid chemical products in your food, water and environment. Spend time in nature. A simple walk in the park can promote awareness of our inner silence. Connection to nature and thinking positive thoughts can increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is a natural chemical in the brain that is responsible for mood, appetite, sleep, memory and intuition…


Meditating in nature, or in a quiet place, can help you in visualizing your intentions and goals. When we are uncertain of our path Arc Angel Michael guides us to an exciting goal, one that we will love accomplishing.


The intentions we attach to our goals requires visualizing our project and its success. Have faith in what you do and the angels will take care of the rest. Remember to always feel joy when reciting your mantra. Say aloud or in silence ‘’I affirm all my needs are met and my dreams are already been taking care of’’.

AA Michael is letting us know to stay centered in our heart, to think positive thoughts, and focus on new projects. Intuition increases as we become confident in our ‘gut’ feelings, love abounds and the things we accomplish in the present moment- divine!

Linger on

There is only one thing that causes us to ‘linger on’ in lives or worlds we are finished with- victim hood. To play the victim means we accuse others of controlling us. This is a negative pattern that causes us to let others control us. Before we can change our lives we must first stop blaming, and accusing others of things we have allowed…

God bless to all who will read this.

AA Michael assures us when we believe in something greater than ourselves we will start manifesting  miracles. Know you are a Spirit in the manifestation of the greater good of humanity. Each intention of light, and love brings more compassion into the world. Arc Angel Michael assures us we will manifest only pure love in our hearts.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Guidance with AA Michael

  1. Thank you again for this message..:-) Sending warm thoughts your way x Sue

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