Organizing and Breathing

Practicing the present moment is like working towards Diving Timing. Each time we plant the seeds of an idea or project we bond with the universe. Taking this type action makes it easier to manifest dreams, and harvest prosperity in your life. Reality within you

Here are 3 stages of organization that will help create breathing space:

  • Organizing your space
  • Breathe and focusing within
  • Aligning the PH of your Body to promote Balance in your mind, body and spirit.


When we prepare a garden for planting having a plan for the seed is essential. Each “seed” is a feeling, and how we organize our garden (i.e body) is very important. Putting aside doubt and fear increases our energy and our intuition. The illusion of unworthiness  can stifle any project, so “weed” out these types of thoughts before you begin. How do you “weed” out weakening thoughts? Breathe,  and step inward with every breath. Connect with your soul and the Source.

(photo: My table, my space)


The Breath

Be in the present moment, focus your attention on your breathing.  Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth- focus on the feeling of inhaling and exhaling. Feel your connection with Mother Gaia and feel her breathing with you. Feel the ease, and harvest the ideas in this reality.  Feel the gift of being alive. Breathe in your intention, and breathe out and surrender to the unknown. Let go of the past, and let go of the future. Breathe and feel the strength of your spirit heart beating.

(photo: grounding with Mother Gaia) Visit Traveler 858 Gravatar @thedonalyn


PH- Body Balance

Back to basics. The important lesson is to understand your body at a deeper level.

Early signs and symptoms of acidic body


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5 thoughts on “Organizing and Breathing

  1. I am breathing Diane.. Deeply and evenly .. and in Unison.. 🙂 <3..

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    Well done-

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