Choose your thoughts wisely

Sending out negative thoughts unbalances the soul.

The purpose ‘realign’

The number 666 shows up

Frustration sets in my body

Thinking what am I missing here?

Thoughts drift

Focusing too much on what I don’t have


Of past

Of future

Universal Love checking up on me

Flashing a sign to wake me up

Flashing a sign

Balance within

Balancing my soul purpose

The mission ‘love’

The number 999 shows up

The light of joy is set ablaze within

Feeling: I AM

The Right path Manifesting!


Thinking of nothing

Thinking of the now

The Universal Laws aligned

universal laws align

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6 thoughts on “Attention

  1. Great share, Yes the Universe speaks to us constantly.. would that we listen.. for me the numbers 333 have been prominent this week which makes me smile as 9 is divisible by 3

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  2. Beautiful reflections!
    I love how numbers sometimes show up as signs.

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