pH – Body Balance

Take your power back and align with your truth -Diane B.

Keeping the body alkaline is the key to maintaining energy throughout the day. Here are a few benefits of an alkaline body:

  • youthful skin
  • restful sleep
  • an abundance of physical energy
  • less colds & headaches
  • good digestion
  • increased mental acuity and alertness

When we take care of our body we take care of the water..

In today’s society we are in constant search for alternative solutions. On my journey for clear fresh mountain tasting water I came across Santevia mineralized alkaline water. Click the link for more information:   A Journey to Wellness (Santevia)

The Native Americans say that we are a beautiful vessel in full harmony with Mother Earth. When we take care of our vessel we align our energy with the Creator. This energy is all around us, and when we tap into source energy with full power we create love and abundance.

Positive Affirmation: I am aligned with the greatest version of who I am ‘A healthy body and healthy soul energy’ – Diane B.

Affirmations are a great way to remind ourselves of our mission, vision and values. For other positive affirmations check out my latest blog Acceptance – Love who you are!

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