GOD 101: Healing Mother Earth – story 2

Sometimes on life’s journey we start things without knowing the ‘why?’. Sometimes you have to look to the past to reminded yourself in the Now ‘that it was all for a good cause’…

Years ago my sister and I used to use a machine called Yogourmet to make yogurt. Not only was the machine fun to use, but it helped the environment. In the 90’s the usage of plastic containers was out of control, but it pails in comparison to the amounts used today.  As a result climate change is realer an issue now than it was in the 90’s…

Homemade Yogourt

Below an innovative use for plastic waste in the form of plastic bottle Art. The picture is a reflection of the reality of our species- a legacy of plastic pollution.

What is your reflection on today’s topic about using and buying too much plastic?


Here is a video link on plastic pollution in the ocean & a call to action by marine biologist Wallace J Nichols: 

A TED talk with Capt. Charles Moore about the same topic:

Let’s make a different in healing the planet!

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