I Know Darkness,

Because I’ve Seen the light

And I Know Light,

Because I’ve Seen Darkness

There is Nothing Left to Fear. (Author unknown)

Years ago, the darkness haunted my thoughts. The shadows crept at the entrance to the palace of my soul. My soul knew it was just the tricks of the mind- but the fear was real… A quiet mind can ‘see’ through the fear into reality, but the thought form created by that fear is a persistent illusion…

My fear of ghosts: A Memory


From about the age 5 years of age I was afraid of the dark- who isn’t at that age? The thought of someone watching me was just creepy… My older sister liked to wait in the dark and scare me while wearing a black wig, cape and making Dracula sounds! I was so terrified I’d scream until my mother intervened. She would always say ‘’stop the nonsense.’’

As I grew older it became apparent how funny being afraid of the dark was. In a way my sister knew I needed to get rid of my fear at a young age, but the darkness wasn’t really the problem- it was the bogyman!

Being in the dark, deep down you know someone is watching you. But who is really playing tricks?

In my late 30’s I began to really understand the tricks/games were in my mind.  All I can say is I learned about mind games the hard way. Words cannot describe the haunting fear that kept creeping in my mind, I was so afraid of going out at night that it became a phobia.

Letting go of the bogyman did not happen overnight. For one week every day I spoke to God, and this is what I said:

‘’Let me see the light. Let me see the light. Archangel Michael please protect me. “

“Jesus help me overcome the darkness- I need help.’’

And I kept singing this song by Johnny Cash – I saw the light this helped me keep the faith that someday I would see the light.

All of this helped me to release the fear.  Then I asked God to see the light.



THE LIGHT rather THE VISION came after a week of asking for help, and singing the Johnny Cash song over and over again. It was a Saturday morning and I woke up feeling hungry, I went to the kitchen, had a glass of water and some bread. I went back to bed. After a few minutes lying in bed, I saw a glittering light on the sealing.  I closed my eyes and I was brought to a room with a big white screen. On the screen was an image of a blue sky with and a few clouds. A hand pointed to a part of the screen. I looked at the spot the hand pointed to – a big white silver light was in front of me. I couldn’t keep my eyes closed- I was amazed. I wanted to see beyond the white light, so I squinted a little bit like you would looking straight at the sun, but the light disappeared.

Many questions

I had many questions after the vision. Who Am I? Why I am here? Why just a piece of the puzzle? Why am I not seeing more visions of the light? The list goes on… We all have questions about life, but what is important is being in the now.

NOW moment

Breathing meditation with Mother Earth- she is our way of connecting with the Great Spirit.

Have you ever experienced the darkness? How do you explain it? Have you felt alone, not knowing if you will ever step out into the light?
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