Life: A Garden

“Your seeds are well planted!” A phrase that means, when it’s time to harvest you’ll be rewarded. Before reaching your definition of success, dedication and commitment must be cultivated to achieve it.  Your garden requires nurtured soil, seeds and water- tend to your garden to cultivate your success.

In the beginning it’s not clear when the rewarding harvest will come, but keep moving forward, because in your heart is the Garden of Eden.


When we walk the fast pace of the ego it seems that we are running everywhere. We deplete Mother Earth’s resources by wanting more, and wanting to control our surroundings. We must remember that a fundamental part of being human is cultivating the garden within our heart.

When we move forward at our own pace, and really listen to our heart, we enter a magical place, and connect with Mother Earth. As in gardening patience is the key to success.

Mother Gaia’s resources are so beautiful and her garden of life keeps us moving forward- breathing the air we breathe and harvesting the food that she provides. It’s the same for our lives. Take the time to grow your ideas, and projects without lingering too long…

Your Garden of Eden is your heart of love and compassion for yourself. Know and love the yin & yang by accepting the female and male energy within. Balance and love for ourselves makes us capable of harvesting our divine ideas, and bringing them to the world.

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2 thoughts on “Life: A Garden

  1. beautiful post.. and Mother Gaia thanks you for your love..and appreciation of all her bounties that I am sure. xx

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