Inner Dialog Of The Ego Mind

Fear is dominating my morning today, my ego is pushing forward an anxiety that believes it is the truth.

The ego is so imprinted on the mind that it can be hard to let it go. It’s dialog rings in your ears:

‘Nobody is listening to me’

‘I’m not being heard’

‘Nobody wants to help me’

‘I feel alone’

Any phrase that sounds like victimhood is the ego mind feeling sorry for itself. The ego wants to be in its comfort zone- its judgemental dialog.

Soul Dialog

Everyone is taking the time to listen

I am being heard

Each person I know is ready to help me

I am surrounded with likeminded people to help me achieve my goals

The Universe always reflects your inner dialog, below a message I received in my inbox:

The Power of Love with Marianne Williamson

  • You are not alone in this world
  • Pure love is the answer for infinite peace
  • How to connect with your higher being


God Bless!

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3 thoughts on “Inner Dialog Of The Ego Mind

  1. Wonderful excerpt .. And the power of Love will win…
    Sending you beautiful thoughts for a wonderful weekend Diane
    ❤ Blessings Sue x

    Liked by 1 person

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