A Message From The Clock A Source Of Guidance

We always receive messages to help us on our path, sometimes the bearer of the answer is a simple clock. We all look at the clock and see the time- what if it’s more than that?

Consider that clocks are significant because they encourage a focus on the present moment. They remind us that our guides are ready to speak to us, and provide insight into our feelings. The questions we ask come back to us as numerical answers – 11:11, 8:33, 9:55… Your source of guidance is relevant to you and only you. Numbers are everywhere, so it makes sense that it is a source of guidance for all of us. For example I asked ’how do I create a workshop using all my ideas I’ve been working on.’ I looked at the clock 8:33 am when I looked at it again it was 9:55 am, and my workshop was planned and typed! Another question I asked, ‘’my life is it about to change and what can I do to overcome my fears, and to increase my awareness while moving towards my life purpose?’”

The answer to my question – have FAITH!

But what is faith? It’s easy to say ‘let go and have faith’ but where do you start?

A path towards faith

Let go-

Have Faith.

Walk confidently

in Faith.


and see through the eyes of Love.


Love unconditionally.

Angels and Archangels

have patience and keep thoughts


Trust it is for the best.


a co-creator of your prayers,

boosts your faith,


Heavenly words.



Right direction-

Yields the highest possible outcome for you!

A message of Faith and Optimism

Heaven works behind the scenes encouraging manifestation. All things are possible with faith, sit in prayer and have faith that the Ascended Masters are looking out for you.


Soul Gratitude Positive affirmations

-Thank you Heaven for helping me with the changes in my life.

-My faith is with you God I thank you.

-From my soul God, I love you!




Doreen Virtue book Angel numbers 101 http://www.angeltherapy.com/angel-numbers


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