How to love your present moment: I AM THAT, I AM

Dear One

Imagine each person is a wonderful piece of who you are. They represent you in different ways. They show you their talents personality. See this in everyone and you will be shown the way! Remember who you are the greatest version of who you are. ‘God itself as One.’ Look at yourself in each one of you. You are who they are soon you will remember this. Soon you will see. Archangel Michael.


Everyone and everything is your teacher in your present moment- helping you to shine your light and show you the way. Below is a method to help you love your present moment with the people you like and don’t like.

Find 3 people that are closest to you that you LIKE and find 3 prominent qualities.

Name Name Name
1. 1. 1.
2. 2. 2.
3. 3. 3.

Find 3 people that are closest to you that you  DON’T LIKE and find 3 prominent qualities.

Name: Josephine Name Name
1. Monologue (talkative) 1. 1.
2. Determined 2. 2.
3.Commanding 3. 3.
Above an example, the name was changed to respect the person’s privacy.


The 3 qualities listed may be annoying to some, but after 6 years I’ve come to realize I needed to own these qualities in myself. These are 3 qualities that were shut down in my childhood because of negative beliefs.  Forgiveness is the answer- is there someone you need to forgive in your life?

When we forgive ourselves we stop judging our own image. When we look in the mirror the image we see is Love. 

‘Love everything about who we are.’

God Bless Archangel Michael

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6 thoughts on “How to love your present moment: I AM THAT, I AM

  1. A great exercise.. so true others mirror our own faults.. 🙂 find this often 🙂

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  2. I do like your exercise. It often happens that people don’t like others because they want to be them 😉

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    • That is true…sometimes because of negative beliefs we think we can’t be like them. Instead of self-doubt learn from others. Learning from others is a way of forgiving our negative thought patterns. When we accept every flaws about ourselves we start loving who we are, just the way we are. 😉

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