Journal 20.07.2016 by Diane


Every morning I ask,

  • What is my message today?
  • What do I need to learn?

I always finish with I LOVE YOU, I BLESS YOU, I THANK YOU

I affirm that I am receiving love; I am receiving blessings and gratitude every day.

This morning my eyes glanced at a post and I took a picture.  See picture below.


For me NOVEK means at the moment,
New: Every day is a new dawn
Omnipresent: The Love of God is everywhere and infinite
Volume: Power of sound vibrating on a higher level
Energy: Sparkle your light energy
Knowing: Be aware; Light-bulb moment


On my lunch hour walk, I spotted a violet bracelet. See picture below.

Friendship bracelet

All I could think of is the crown chakra symbol and connected with the Ascended Masters. I always have Jesus in my heart.

A close friend of mine told me children make friendship bracelets for their dearest friends, and that it is a symbol of great friendship. Looking at the shape it looks like the letter ‘J’. Ah!  Ascended Master is near.

Usually I don’t pick up what does not belong to me. Something inside of me said to pick it up. On my way home I saw three times the number 333, and when we see the number sequence more than once it amplifies the significance of the meaning.  I spotted 444 and 34333. You can check Doreen Virtue Angel Number 101 here. 333, 34, 444

The signs on my way home told me I made the right decision.


  1. If you had noticed the word NOVEK on your walk to work what would be your interpretation? 
  2. If you had spotted a violet bracelet what would the significance have been for you?


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