Day 9: THE SHADOW doesn’t want to lose its Power

Journal 26.07.2016 by Diane


Things that I say to myself: 

Acknowledge the shadow is there,

Give it love,

Most of all give it respect.

I acknowledge your power to heal emotion and go through the light.

The shadow doesn’t want to lose its power. So it doesn’t want to go into the light. The shadow wants empathy.

 You face the darkness within you.

I honor your pain.

I empathize. 

I’m sorry.

I respect you and your power.


That’s when everything opens up within you.


Video – sciatic nerve pain. You can find it on my FB page Divine Notebook

Here is an interesting video by Matt Kahn. He goes into detail about how to respect your shadow Enjoy! Release your shadow by giving it respect and empathy.



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5 thoughts on “Day 9: THE SHADOW doesn’t want to lose its Power

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  2. Thank you ❤ xx

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