Day 11: What’s your intuitive style?

Journal 28.07.2016 by Diane


Today is a quiet day of reflection.

Looking in my book library I came across Discover your psychic type by Sherrie Dillard

I don’t recall the year I bought this book. I was drawn to the intuitive type questionnaire at the beginning.


Sherrie mentioned to keep in mind we all have aspects of tendencies of each of the types within us. Keeping that in mind, I determine my predominant type and my less dominate types.

We got four intuitive style –

  1. Physical intuitive
  2. Emotional intuitive
  3. Mental intuitive
  4. Spiritual intuitive

Years ago I got 1.Emotional, 2.Mental, 3.Physical and 4.Spiritual.

We do change over the years and the second time.  1. Spiritual 2.Equal score/Physical & Emotional 3.Mental.

I won’t go in depth for each intuitive style the phrases will give you an idea. You can always visit Sherrie Dillard website or buy the book if the topic resonate with you.

Spiritual intuitives draw their strength and power from the intangible world. They offer us a glimpse into the cosmos.

Physical intutitives is attuned to the vibration of the divine made physical. Many physical intuitives hold a strong inner knowledge of the earth and her creatures as divine, and they are often devoted to healing the earth.

Emotional intuitives travel the path of the heart. They receive psychic information through their emotions, they are the most prone to experiencing intense, unexplained feelings.

Mental intuitives, the psychic spiritual journey is through the mind. They may quickly receive insight into how to solve problems and issues that plague the planet. It is not unusual for a mental intuitive to have an instantaneous knowledge of the universal laws and the connections between science and spirituality.

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