Journal 03.08.2016 by Diane



Number 66 shows up twice. Grrrr… Today, I need strength

Every time I see number 6, I focus to much on worries, stress, or fear. I know when I feel this way it’s more difficult to hear my angel’s loving help.

Acronyms for PAF

Please ask first

Please ask Father

I really need a father’s word this morning. Since my body is going through a transition of past pain, releasing stress concerning emotional post-trauma reaction.

Here are numbers today to stay in focus in my journey. A father’s word is always a blessing. It gives me strength and encouragement.

958: Now that you’re increasing the focus of your career on serving a spiritual purpose, your flow of abundance is also increasing in kind.

When I see 9999 twice Father Almighty speaks: The spirit world has an urgent message for you: ”Get to work on your Divine life purpose now!” Ask the spirit world to help you with motivation, clarity, direction, and anything else you need.

Get to work Lightworker–now! —without procrastination–on your next life chapter.

When I see 777 is like lightning that I am moving forward on this illuminated path.

Numbers don’t lie…


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