Journal 04.08.2016


I can feel the new moon energy today. 8-8 2016 The Lion Gate is near.

Being blessed and dissolving more old layers I create balance and unity in my physical vehicle.

I can feel the intense energy surrounding me.

I am repeating my inner dialog from Day 16.

Anchoring the love & light essence


Return to God

Number 754 means as you change your life for the better, angels walk alongside you to protect and guide you.

898 and 988 means keep your career focused on serving a meaningful purpose. You’ve got the Midas touch concerning your career now, and everything that you do turns to gold.

When it turns to gold it’s your heart feeling the Golden Light.

Ascended Masters’ world message “The Birth of a new Earth, The 7th Golden Age”



The World is Wake Up world around 2016 – David Icke

Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers 101- The meaning of 11,123,444 and other number sequences.


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One thought on “Day 18: EMBODY LOVE & LIGHT ESSENCE

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