Day 20: Honor your Clairsentience!

Journal 06.08.2016

Today is a good day.

Once in a while you need time for yourself.
What is clairsentience?

You’ve probably heard the phrase follow your ‘’gut feeling.’’ In many cases 99.9% of the time you’re right- who wouldn’t be?  Sometimes we miss judge ourselves and say, ‘’Damn! I knew it!

When dreadful feelings comes up our ‘’gut feelings’’ respond too ‘’ avoid this direction’’ and other times an excitement feeling ‘’ I am on the right track.’’

Gut feelings are strong emotional responses that feel almost physical. An experience called, ‘physical sensations on other places in the body.’’ Make sure to take notes of particular physical sensations or impulses that arise when you open your chakras and tune into Spirit.

Some people who are emotionally clairsentient ignore their emotions, partly because they don’t realize that emotions are feedback from their Higher Self.

When you are feeling




You’ve cut yourself off from the route that your spirit wants to take.


Desires Clairsentience 

  • Are also feedbacks from your Higher Self about where you want to go. It is your Higher Self talking to you and leading you towards greater expansion.
  • True desires point the way on the path of your life and they are sacred to you.

Refuse to face something

  • It affects intuition and creates a blockage in Divine Truth at your third-eye chakra.
  • When you feel you have a hard time connecting with your true desires your inner dialog is probably saying, ‘’you can’t have what you want!’. You’re good at suppressing your own desires.

A quick tip

Firstyou need to connect with the desires of your Higher Self.

Second, you will be able to tune into your Spirit Guides.


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