Day 23: How do you Landscape your life?

Journal 09.08.2016 by Diane


The question this morning.

How do you landscape your life?


What a journey so far. I am releasing negative self-talk and deep core emotions from my sciatic nerve.

This morning a landscaping company with a four last digit phone number 4444

The Universe is really talking– better listen.

As I repeat the words I’ve mention from previous post day 16: Mirror work I feel today it is okay to be an ordinary person.

I understand now that the shadow of the ego

  1. Only wants to please.
  2. Always wants to complicate things
  3. Always wants to be better than others
  4. Always wants to control the situation so it can look perfect

You know what Shadow!

I am not perfect and I am an ordinary person who like simplicity and so be it.

Landscaping your life is all about enjoying yourself.

I may look imperfect – so be it

I may sound weird – so be it.

Repeating the mirror work over and over again and respecting the shadow where it comes from.

Landscaping my life is all about manifesting

  • Pure love = Love
  • Rainbow colours = Beauty
  • Respect = Compassion
  • Simplicity = Purity
  • Encouragement = Honesty

Above all be love in your journey—Diane Bourgeois


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