Day 25: 7 ways to practice Self-Love

Journal 11.08.2016 by Diane


As I practice self-love, it will get easier overtime.

Spending time to fit the mold of someone else’s version of you will create stress, depression, sadness worry and so forth.

Why worry on being perfect?

7 ways to practice self-love

  1. Being authentic
  2. Embrace our unique traits
  3. Stand in your truth
  4. Inner star shines and sparkle joy
  5. Enjoy Life
  6. Stand in your authority
  7. Spend time in nature our Earth called Mother


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4 thoughts on “Day 25: 7 ways to practice Self-Love

  1. You are very worthy Diane and what a joy to finally get onto the web this evening and see your lovely Logo and comment upon my blog.. So lovely to put a face to you my friend.. I am sorry I have missed so many of your recent posts.. PC problems Mega… And this week my daughter in law has been ill, so have been granny sitting xxx Love to you and loving your entries.. xxx Hugs Sue x ❤


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