Day 30: On a rainy day, it’s a time to look back on how you’ve grown in the now

Journal 16.08.2016 by Diane


I love when it rains.


Today is a good day to recall what I’ve learned so far in my journeying with the Queen of All Hearts.

Always follow your heart. Your heart is the sun that represents the rainbow rays that vibrates only love and unity.


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Ah! The Peacock Wisdom Energy…  The ‘’EYE’’ of the stars, the emblem of LOVE and the glorious color wingspan, to shine their inner light for the entire world to see reminds me to shine my inner light and bring my love to all the parts of myself.

When we love all the parts of our body we start helping and respecting Mother Earth. When we look at a spruce tree or finding a piece of spruce remember that we may not understand what we think we do. Always trust your intuition.

When you trust your intuition and gut feelings you start creating things no one else have thought of before. You start tapping into the collective consciousness. Every day you start noticing signs from your spirit guides. Relax your body and start creating beautiful awesome ideas. Why not! So I did Aimee and Divine Inspiration:  On a Journey

One way to be in service is ‘’patience’’. We are so cut up in a fast environment we forget to slow down. Being patient with ourselves is the ability to help us release stress.

Synchronicity  increases in our life and  we start trusting our intuition. Check out 5 ways to de-stress yourself.

When you release those feelings and create a sacred place in your vehicle (body) you feel a cosmic thunderbolt in every cells in your body.

Do you know what happens when we ask for assistance?

What happens is when someone speaks from the heart we start expanding our love and fear start to disappear in our subconscious mind. We start seeing fear as an illusion.

When fear comes to the surface of the subconscious mind you will notice pain start to emerge. You start working on the mirror work and speak positive affirmation. I love who I am!

When we embody love and light essence we experience ‘’love is the light that brightens every heart’s darkness’’—Bryant McGill

Above all things do what is right for ‘’YOU’’ Honor your heart and find the magic with your inner child who wants to speak to you.

”Keep it light, when you landscape your life”-Diane Bourgeois


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