Day 33: Love Conquers All-God’s Nectar of Life

Journal 19.08.2016 by Diane


My journey has just begun!

I feel anchored

I feel bless

I feel majestic

I feel joy

I feel protected

I feel the love of God is around me and inside of me every moment I breathe.

Love is a beautiful thing when you feel connected to the Divine Love.

I woke up in the middle of the night dreaming and all I could remember is ‘’look hummingbirds flying over Usher’s river’’

So I went on a google search and this is what I found.

Hummingbirds flying over Usher’s river

Definition: Totem animal hummingbirds – Ted Andrews


‘’In Native American medicine tradition the hummingbird sings the vibration of love. It is said that the ability to move its wings in a figure 8 patterns—a symbol for infinity to the past and future and the laws of cause of effect: The hummingbirds can teach so that you can extract your own nectar of life.’’

Definition: Nectar of life-God’s sweet nectar is within

Hummingbirds Drink Nectar for Strenght – Samuel 17:1-51

Definition: Usher’s river

In all baby the meaning of usher is from the mouth of the river. A river mouth is the part of a river that flows into a lake, reservoir or ocean.

Remember, with God all things are possible- Matthew 19:26


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17 thoughts on “Day 33: Love Conquers All-God’s Nectar of Life

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  2. A beautiful post and I love Hummingbirds, which we had them fly in abundance here..
    Diane, I am going to unfollow you then re follow you..
    I went through over 400 emails one by one replying to posts over a two day period and none of your posts were among them..
    So I hope by doing this it will rectify.. As I changed my email so this may be the problem.. But WP are messing up with many things right now.. Comments among other things I am not receiving either..

    So do not think I have not been following you, its just none of your posts I am seeing either in the reader which I go into more rarely these days, but definitely no email alerts from yourself.. I will go check in my manage box to see if you are checked in as instant.. So hope this cures it.. I have had this problem before..

    And you must think I ignore your posts.. this is I assure you not the case..
    ❤ xxx xxx

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