How do you recognize an Empath?

By Diane Bourgeois


In today society being in a fast-paced environment we are asked to balance many tasks back-to-back. Who wants to go full speed the entire day?

Naturally, I’ve done my fair share being in a stressful environment that gave me a jolt to move forward in any projects. Instead, take the time to experience what to achieve in a slow-paced makes it easier for an Empath to be attentive of her/his surroundings.

I stumble upon this article, 15 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence of an Empath and helped me understand myself that I am normal.

What is normal? In the dictionary, it means establishing a standard. What are the standards in modern society?

My standards are simple it’s called, ‘’simplicity!’’ I am an Empath and I am proud of it! The next person who says, ‘’I am too sensitive’’ I’ll just look at them and say, ‘’so be it!’’

Regarding this article, I will share a brief understanding of my experiences and the 15 things will be in bold.

Empaths feel things both negative and positive energies. I am in touch with my emotions, and others. I am accused of being ‘’too sensitive’’ or ‘’too emotional.’’ I’ve heard it all, in my childhood, at school from kindergarden to College and to top it all even in the workplace.

Being in a crowded places overwhelm us. I mean, I enjoyed my youth like everyone else. Now I understand myself better, I am happy to be in a quiet place in nature or be at home reading my favourite book. As everyone else, we need to work as a living. I couldn’t believe I agreed to work as a cashier and a Pharmacy Technician at a pharmacy for over 20 years. It all makes sense because we are great listeners and we experience what you are experiencing. We hold no judgement over what you tell us. One thing that annoyed me all my life and still is today when we give our heartfelt advice we get annoyed when we are ignored. Next time you talk to an Empath and that person gives advice, take it. Whatever you do, we can’t stand being lied to. We love to heal! We want what it’s best for you and your wellbeing.

By the way, narcissist we can’t stand you. When I read the number 13, it made me laugh so hard when the author Raven Fon mention ‘’we really can’t roll our eyes any harder.’’ Maybe that’s why we are easily distracted from narcissist; certain sounds really bother us-like your ‘loud voice.’ We deal with everybody’s emotional and mental drains and absorb so much from others we get tired, exhausted, and fatigued is normal for us. As a result, we avoid the news and seeing cruelty to the animals so, negative media images directly affect us. We LOVE animals and we see a soul, for this reason, they are a family members.

We can only be us. Tell you the truth only after 40 I can say I know who I am and I embrace it. As a final point, I am sensitive to stimulants and medications. I am getting good at minimizing my coffee intake and my goal is to stop drinking coffee.

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7 thoughts on “How do you recognize an Empath?

  1. So enjoyed this post. I’m an empath myself. Funny thing I said I was going to stop drinking coffee…let’s see how far it’ll take me. 😉

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    • LOL! I still have a hard time stopping one cup of coffee in the morning. I need to stop going to bed late. I have 2 1/2 months to get ready for my goal. I am determine by 2017 no more coffee. Let me know if you want to start a goal challenge for the New Year. Blessings! 😉

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  2. I enjoyed your description of being Empathic, I can relate to much of what you have written here Diane. And yes we can only BE ourselves… Loved reading it..
    Loved your new website and book too Diane.. excellent work..

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